NOVEMBER 15, 2022


The Washington County Republican Party is stronger than ever. It is time to take the next step. A new team of WCRP Officers and District Managers will be elected on November 15, 2022. We have seen the emergence of a new and talented group of committee people with new ideas, energy and great enthusiasm. We are seeing increasing interest in taking leadership roles.

The future looks outstanding for the party!

The nominating committee, listed below, are seeking candidates for the Leadership positions listed. Do you feel that you want to do more to advance the successes of the party? Do you feel that you have the passion, knowledge, and experience to lead and manage WCRP into the future? If so, WE NEED YOU!

You do not have to be a member of the Republican Committee to run for elected office, you only have to be a registered Washington County Republican.

The following offices will be open and included in the election process scheduled for November 15:

· Chairperson

· Vice Chairperson

· Second Vice Chairperson

· Treasurer

· Secretary

If you are interested in running for any of the offices or want to learn more, please contact any of the following nominating committee members on or before September 1. If you have already decided to place your name as a nominated candidate, please contact any one of us or all of us below using our email address to submit your name for one of these positions.

Even if you choose not to submit your name on or before September 1, there are two other opportunities to place your name into the election process.

Jen McIntyre Morris, [email protected]

Natalie Blackert, [email protected]

Scott Day, [email protected]

Clyde Wilhelm, [email protected]

Ken Miller [email protected]

Washington County Election Review Committee

Committee Lead by Dave Ball, WCRP Chairman

What is the Committee Charged With?

December 19, 2020

  • Review election process and recommend changes to improve
  • Review election rolls for voter eligibility
  • Monitor mail in voting procedure
  • Review each election and recommend process and procedure changes
  • Monitor polling place operations and recommend change and improvements
  • Monitor compliance with previous recommendation

Washington County Current Registration

January 2021

As of January 14

Washington County Trend in Registration

Republicans                   14-Dec-2020      21 Dec-20         28 Dec-20           4-Jan-21

Current                               68384                  68316                 68318                    68227


Current                                 66766                  66662               66639                  66416

Republican Gain                     1618                       1654                   1679                       1811

Change from Jan 2017       13077                     13009               13011                       12920

Voter in the County           153965                  153771              153767                   153434


Percent Rep.                       44.4%                   44.4%             44.4%                    44.5%

in County

Percent Dems                    43.4%                   43.4%              43.3%                   43.3%

In Jan 2017         % Repub. 39.8%            % Dems. 49.0%